Collection Highlights: Business & Industry

By Kimberley Starkie, Archivist

We would like to share some examples of our collections that feature the theme of Business and Industry in North Yorkshire.

Cheesemaking in Hawes

We have a wonderful set of images showing the production of Wensleydale Cheese in Hawes, taken by photographer Bertram Unné.

The full set of images can be viewed through our online shop.

Rose’s Old Brewery, Malton

We have a small collection of records relating to Rose’s Old Brewery, Malton from the 1890s [reference ZQO]. The brewery is thought to have been founded around 1767, being bought by Chas Rose & Co in 1893 and remained in business until it was taken over by Tetley’s in 1969.

ZQO Estimate of profit for Rose’s Old Brewery in March 1896

This rough estimate of profit gives lots of information about the what types of beer were being brewed including IPA, Stout, Porter and Mild and how many barrels were delivered in March 1896.

ZQO Example page from the brewer’s book from 4th August 1896

Brewing is a complicate business as shown by this entry in the brewer’s book for 4th August 1896, detailing quantities of ingredients, notes on the brewing process and various temperature and gravity recordings.

Cochrane and Sons, Shipbuilders of Selby

We hold a large collection of records relating to Cochrane and Sons, with a description available in the Focus on Selby blog post. The business moved to Selby in 1898 and became a limited company in 1912. During the First World War, Cochranes built 70 steam trawlers for the Admiralty, which were used as minesweepers, gunboats and barges.

During the Second World War, Cochrane and Sons built a number of vessels for the Admiralty including rescue tugs and harbour tugs as well as continuing to complete private orders. In 1965 the Ross Group Ltd took over the yard from the Cochrane family before it was sold to the Drypool Group in 1969. They went into liquidation in 1976 and the yard was bought by United Towing Co, becoming Cochranes Shipbuilders in 1977. The yard finally closed in 1992.

ZZU 2/5/1422 General Arrangement plan of the Kashmir ship (Yard No 1422)

This collection, held under the reference ZZU, includes:

  • Company records
    • Minutes books 1912-1959
    • Wage books 1900-1971
    • Financial records 1898-1969
    • Board and Administrative records 1912-1960
    • Shipyard, plant and property records 1900-1983
  • Shipbuilding records
    • Estimate books1912-1991
    • Contract books 1901-1953
    • Agreements 1905-1970
    • Specifications 1962-1982
    • Plans 1891-1991

Further reading

For more information on these and other collections relating to business and industry, please search our online catalogue

History of Wensleydale Cheese

Pubs in Malton

History of Cochrane and Sons from Graces Guide

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