Current & Past Projects

Resilient Records

In 2019, the Record Office was awarded a grant by the National Lottery Heritage Fund for its Resilient Records project.

The project set out to widen the audience for the archive’s amazing range of historic documents, which date from the twelfth century, by learning how people who don’t currently use the archive would like to get involved and how the archive can support community groups achieve their objectives. The team worked with current and potential users of the archive to explore what they would like to see from the Record Office.

As part of the project, the Record Office appointed an Audience Development & Participation Officer who worked with a wide range of partner organisations, including young, older and vulnerable people, using archive material in a variety of ways.

In so doing, the project demonstrated the potential of archives to connect, engage and inspire people of all ages with each other and their local area, even in the most challenging of circumstances during the Covid-19 pandemic. Participants in the sessions and workshops commented that the activities “made the archives come to life”, that they “loved sharing stories and knowledge” and felt a very personal connection to the past.

Made in North Yorkshire

Made in North Yorkshire brought to life the resources held at the County Record Office, to capture the lives of important, but widely unknown people from across our county.

It focused on ten people from our history who have shown the resilience, strength, honesty, innovation and creativity that made North Yorkshire the special place it is today.

Each month featured one great North Yorkshire son or daughter, who was either born in the county or who moved here during their lifetime and made a positive change.

Read the features here:

Unfolding Origins

Unfolding Origins will deliver a series of arts activities which aim to open up our archival resources to a wider public. With over 700 years of archival resources, the project will tell new stories about North Yorkshire’s people and places.

The project supports the creation of new artworks inspired by North Yorkshire’s archival collections and presents exciting new ways for the public to engage with this resource. The project is a collaboration between North Yorkshire County Record Office, Chrysalis Arts Development and other partners including Selby District Council, Richmondshire District Council and ArtUK and has secured funding from these partners alongside Arts Council England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Unfolding Origins will deliver a series of artists’ residencies, community engagement activities, an exhibition and a publication. The exhibition will take place in libraries and other venues across North Yorkshire, including isolated rural locations and the County Record Office in Northallerton. The overall project aims to enable new audiences, including volunteers, to access and enjoy these resources.