Thomas Blanky of Whitby: Arctic Seafarer

By Katherine Bullimore, Record Assistant Think of Arctic exploration in the nineteenth century, and chances are you think of the doomed Franklin expedition, of the three spookily well preserved bodies of dead sailors excavated in the 1980s, and the eerie underwater pictures of the expedition’s two sunken ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, revealed much… Read More Thomas Blanky of Whitby: Arctic Seafarer

Whitby Arctic voyagers

James Cook 1728 – 1779 James Cook is best remembered for his exploring in the Pacific, but he also made detailed maps of the coast of Newfoundland and, on his last voyage in the Whitby built ship Resolution, mapped much of the coast of Alaska and entered the Bering Strait.  He hoped to find the… Read More Whitby Arctic voyagers

Archives at Dusk 2023

Maps, Plans, Travel and Adventure On Thursday 25th May, we had an evening of archive adventure at the Record Office, for visitors to see behind the scenes and glimpse some of the wonderful and unique archival history within our collections. Although the in-person event was for one evening only, through the following web pages, we’ll… Read More Archives at Dusk 2023


New exhibitions at the Record Office: Archives at Dusk returns… for one night only! Thursday 25th May 2023 6.00pm to 8.30pm Free admission, no need to book Join us for an evening of archive adventure ….   Through our fascinating archive collection, we’ll take you on the Grand Tour to 18th-century Italy, adventure through the… Read More Exhibitions